Sunday Funday

Today, like every other Sunday, started out like any other: coffee with my wife, cartoons for the kids and controlled chaos. I love Sundays but I must admit, THIS Sunday? I loved just a little bit more.

You see, my wife was throwing a candle party. It’s one of those ordeals where as many of her friends come over while another woman presents some candle products for purchase. Basically an estrogen fest with wine and endless chatting. Which is great for my wife. Me? Not so much.
So I decided that after cleaning EVERY SINGLE THING in our home, the kids and I would leave the house to the women.
I love taking my kids out without my wife. I love the looks I get as I tote 4 children. It’s almost like a mirage to the people I think.
Anyways, we spent the afternoon eating lunch at our favorite little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, roller skating, eating ice cream and chasing ducks around a half-frozen pond.
It was a colossal success. No tears, no “fits”, no running amuck, nothing bit smiles, laughter and overstuffed tummies.
When we arrived home I could tell 2 things went right that day.

First, my wife and her friends went through 3 bottles of wine, most of a delicious looking lemon creme cake, veggie trays and 9 women were happily chatting it up in our kitchen.

Secondly, it was 5 minutes until my youngest two crumb munchers were sound asleep. Its always a good day when there’s no arguing at nap time.

After all this, I finally sat down in my favorite spot, clicked on the television just in time to see overtime of the Michigan State/Wisconsin OT basketball game.

Let me tell you, it was on hell of a Sunday Funday.


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