A tad bit about little ‘ol me

Hey. I figure if anyone is ever going to read this, maybe, just maybe, they’d like to know who the heck I was. Well. I’m your neighbor, the guy at grocery store, the dad picking out new Minnie Mouse pj’s for my daughter, the dad taking his daughter to get her nose pierced, the dad that takes his son to his Endocrinologist for a diabetes appointment. I’m you. I’m me. I’m a dad.

I’d say I’m JUST a dad, but that wouldn’t be true. I want to be MORE than “just” another dad, the same as most of you. I have 4 children. 3, 5, 12 and 15. I have a gawgeous, sweet, southern woman who’ve I’ve had the pleasure of being married to for 5 years plus now. We live in a small town in Ohio, the land of NADA.
Anyways, my ultimate goal, other than helping to raise healthy, well adapted children, is to be a voice for fathers. A dad who speaks for other dads. A man who represents the brotherhood I hold dear to my heart, fatherhood.
You’ll hear it a lot from me, but my favorite saying is, “Earn Your Capes” dads. Because to each of our children, no matter the situation or demographic, we’re ALL superheroes to our kids.
Enjoy the page. Visit me on Facebook, Twitter or email me if you’d like. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome in any form.


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