So, Your Daughter’s Dating? Do yourself a favor, Leave your shotgun alone

It’s a funny saying, supposedly. A half-ass poke of fun towards your daughter’s date. We’ve all heard it, maybe even uttered it. Let me give you one piece of advice: Get the thought out of your mind, and quickly.

You may be asking yourself why I’m taking it so seriously. It’s a legit question. The reason? Your daughter may be taking it seriously as well.

By saying it, “you’ll have the shotgun handy”, when her date arrives; It insinuates you don’t trust her judgement. As if you’d literally have to scare an eager, excited young man away from her. Is her judgement in people, THAT bad?

I’ve made the mistake, recently even. Quite a few times, I’ve noticed my own 15 year old daughter’s nervous, awkward-looking expression after I’d jokingly (and wrongfully) made a comment about her prospective, inevitable dating.

I don’t want my daughter’s conversation with the boy who’s about to come to my home be, “My dad is probably going to sternly grill you about every aspect of your life and may/or may not have his gun on the coffee table.”

I want my daughter to tell her soon-to-be-date, “My dad is a great guy and I can’t wait for you to meet him.”

No more D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating) She’s going to date. She’s going to fall in love. Hopefully, she’ll do it with the “right” person. If she doesn’t, you’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

Don’t be the one to shatter a date before it even begins by making your daughter feel as if you don’t trust her judgement in people. Protect her along the dating path, but trust initially, in the values, morals you’ve tried to instill in her for years.

Don’t make THAT mistake. Don’t be THAT dad.


2 thoughts on “So, Your Daughter’s Dating? Do yourself a favor, Leave your shotgun alone

  1. Or that Mom. Trust me when I say some of us Mom’s are more ruthless and protective of our daughters than our spouses.
    Regardless. You are correct in trusting the judgement of our daughters. It is an essential building block to raising a good adult.


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